Published on: March 12, 2021

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

Spring Checkup for Spring & Summer Readiness

Driving during a tough winter takes its toll on your vehicle and can even damage it. That is why a spring check-up is a must that’s essential maintenance to keep your vehicle running efficiently and to prepare it for the hot summer months ahead after a long winter. It should be performed at the beginning of spring because the earlier you can have your vehicle inspected the better. After your vehicle is inspected, it will be ready for summer driving. A spring check-up catches any problems in your vehicle or its engine before they get too serious. This preventive maintenance saves you quite some money in the long run. One of the first things checked should be your engine’s battery, for it had to work especially hard during the cold winter months. You must replace your battery if its power is not up to specifications when you test it, especially if it’s more than three years old. You must also check your tires. This is the time to remove any snow tires and replace them with your summer tires. Check the tread depth on your summer tires to make sure they aren’t too worn. Check your tire pressure as well, because under-inflated tires reduce your gas mileage and make driving dangerous. Winter driving always has an effect on vehicles.

Your braking system must be checked, including your brake fluid, lines, and hoses. Inspect your engine’s belts and hoses and replace any that might be worn or damaged. It is also very important to have your vehicle’s suspension, its struts and shocks, checked by Go-Green Auto Service Corp too, because harsh winters cause damage even to the road surfaces. You will always find more bumps and potholes in the road after a long winter than there were before that season started. Other things that you need to be sure you also check are: your starting and charging system, engine oil, coolant and antifreeze levels, transmission fluid, air filter, power steering fluid/system, on-board computer system, windshield wiper blades/wiper fluid, and your air conditioning system. You’re going to start using your air conditioner instead of your heater. Afterwards, this is also the ideal time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, including under the hood, its engine, and its underbelly. The winter salt used to keep roads from freezing is extremely damaging to your vehicle and leads to early rusting. Once all of this is taken care of as confirmed by Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s clean bill of health, your 4-wheeled baby is good to go and fully ready for you to safely enjoy it problems-free during the dog days of summer. Just bring your 4-wheeled baby over to Go-Green Auto Service Corp and let us expertly take care of everything for you without anything being overlooked. Thank you!

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