Go-Green Auto Service Corp’s Art of Auto Painting
Published on: March 26, 2021

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

Go-Green Auto Painting

The first thing most people notice about your vehicle is generally its paint — especially if the finish is scratched, chipped, or damaged. It just sticks out like a thumb, especially if it’s a high-end model vehicle or the rest of it is fine. Go-Green Auto Service Corp thinks of the auto painting trade as an art that we take great pride in all the masterpieces we continue to complete.

Painting your vehicle is an intricate procedure that requires expertise, precision, experience, professional training, and exactitude. Creativity and an eye for art and detail greatly helps as well.

Go-Green Auto Service Corp is your home to the industry’s top talent, with the latest computerized paint-matching technology and software, and the very best quality products to restore your paint job’s original look and feel to a degree that exceeds all your expectations.

All Go-Green Auto Service Corp painters are professionally trained, I-CAR Gold Class certified, and selected by us; we have no room for sloppy, run-of-the-mill painters. We fully equip them with top quality refinishing products that are world-class and used by the best auto professionals in the world.

Our I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians know exactly how to assess and execute your paint job with precise accuracy, from individual panels to extensive, complete body paint jobs to all makes and models.

Go-Green Auto Service Corp painters start the process by making sure the surface is flawlessly clean before they begin working on it, by removing all grease, dirt, and all other materials that impede an impeccable finish. Afterwards is when we finally begin prepping your vehicle for primer. The surface is ready to be prepped for paint when the primer has been applied and cured and the area has been sanded down.

Our technicians mix the colored base coat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle with the exact match whenever we want to ensure an immaculate factory finish. The vehicle’s natural gloss finish is restored to its factory appearance when the clear coat is applied after the basecoat is ready for topcoat.

Our painters lightly sand and polish to a perfect shine any areas that might be affected with any blemishes left after painting. 

Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large gash, Go-Green Auto Service Corp has the exceptional talent, tools, and resources to always ensure that your paint is a perfect match you’ll be thrilled and proud of. If your vehicle still has its factory paint and that’s what you want, then we accommodate you with that as well, because Go-Green Auto Service Corp takes paint seriously. 

The paint of every vehicle that exits our booths precisely matches its original finish and color. We always go above and beyond with every paint job, because complete customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal — it’s what drives us. It’s no wonder we always come highly wreck-ommended.

Go-Green Auto Service Corp is your go-to auto body shop in Brooklyn for the best prices around, and we’re also a one-stop shop that fixes everything cars with the highest quality. Become a believer and a loyal client by bringing your 4-wheeled baby to us TODAY!

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