Winterization Checkup
Published on: December 25, 2020

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

When & Why a Winterization Checkup is Needed & How It Works

Through the cold winter months, a winterization checkup will keep your vehicle safely running smoothly. Before the winter temperature gets too cold, it is very important that you have your vehicle inspected so that you can take care of any adjustments or services that may be needed to be completed. The first order of business in this maintenance should be changing your coolant (antifreeze) and engine oil. To ensure that none of the liquids and water in your engine freeze, it is so important to have your engine coolant checked for the winter. Your engine wouldn’t even start and all its fluids would freeze if your vehicle doesn’t have antifreeze in the cold winter. To ensure the proper operation of your vehicle during the winter, it is essential that you check, and replace if necessary, all its hoses, belts, and its brakes, radiator, radiator fluid, transmission, battery, battery fluid, power steering, wipers, and wiper fluid. A vehicle’s charging system, starting system, and battery are vital this time of year.

Your vehicle may not start on very cold days when your battery is too old, because car batteries require a certain level of amps in order to start the vehicle, particularly so in very cold weather. To ensure that your vehicle will have the necessary electrical currents needed to power everything electrical in it, your alternator must also be checked. Winter weather constantly affects visibility, so for safe driving it is very essential to also make sure your car’s wipers are in great shape and that you have plenty of wiper fluid – both of which are sometimes overlooked yet are indispensable to maintain a clean windshield. Windshields constantly get very dirty during the winter from the salt used to keep roads from freezing and from the wet roads. Your tires are yet another very important thing to check. You should consider using snow tires in the winter, but either way, you must make sure your tires always have enough tread depth and are in good condition at all times. Snow tires are specially designed to deliver better control and traction on ice and snow, and if you use high-performance tires on your vehicle during the spring and summer months, then Go-Green Auto Service Corp advises you to consider using winter tires in the winter. High-performance tires do not have the traction and grip necessary to safely travel on slick, snowy roads. It is also a must that you check your tires’ air pressure in the winter to confirm they are inflated to the proper levels so that they will be in full contact with the road surface. Because it is important to bear in mind that it is natural for the air pressure in car tires to drop in cold weather, which makes checking your tires’ air pressure in the winter even more important.

Four-wheel drive is more often used during the winter than it is during the spring and summer months, so if your vehicle has four-wheel drive it is necessary to check it to confirm it is working properly. It is also proactive wisdom to always keep a safety kit in your vehicle during the winter, one that includes a first-aid kit, flares, jumper cables, tool kit, and a flashlight with an extra set of batteries…, in the event your vehicle were to break down while you’re out on the road. And in the event your vehicle were to get stuck in a winter storm, it’s a great idea to also try to carry a blanket and an extra set of warm clothes in your vehicle to help keep you and your passengers warm and frostbite-free. Other important things to carry in your vehicle with you during the wintry months are extra wiper fluid, an ice scraper, salt or sand, and tire chains in the event one of your tires were to get stuck. The tire chains and salt or sand will help provide the extra traction you’ll need to get your vehicle moving again. If you pay heed to Go-Green Auto Service Corp by ensuring to perform all this important preventive winter maintenance on your vehicle, and you will be alright this winter season; you will be completely safe and car-trouble-free in all your winter drives, without dangerous surprises full of stress, because your vehicle will be fully prepared for the harshness of the winter months. No one wants to be driving a vehicle that isn’t safe because it is not equipped to deal with the cold weather, and it’s always best to be safe than sorry, especially with the harshness of winter. This winterization checkup and maintenance becomes even more critical if you live in especially cold zones. Ideally, this winterizing of your vehicle should always be performed before the temperature gets too cold or the weather gets too harsh. Believe Go-Green Auto Service Corp when we tell you that you want to have it done before the really bad weather arrives, because you will be putting yourself and your passengers in danger if you wait too long. And since many other car owners erroneously wait too long to have it done as well, car care centers experience a boom in customers with the advent of the cold, so you’ll likely have to wait to have your vehicle inspected and winterized. Again, Go-Green Auto Service Corp reiterates that this preventive maintenance should be done early to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate during the winter months. All you need to do is bring your 4-wheeled baby over to us in Brooklyn, and we’ll soon have you set with the highest quality and the greatest prices in Gotham. Go-Green, baby – it’s about that time!

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