Vehicle’s Shocks and Struts
Published on: January 1, 2021

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

Vehicle’s Shocks and Struts

Learn About a Vehicle’s Shocks and Struts 

A vehicle’s suspension system, of which shocks and struts are a key component, is what makes it possible for your car to drive and feel so smooth and comfortable even on terrible road surfaces. A vehicle will have either a shock or a strut at each wheel, never both. As a world-class car maintenance and servicing center, Go-Green Auto Service Corp is often subjected to questions related to shock absorbers. Hence, in this blog, we decided to discuss the function of these car parts and how to tell when they need to be checked.

The basic form of a shock absorber is similar to that of a hydraulic pump in terms of working profile and design. Shocks control the impact and rebound movement of a vehicle’s springs and suspension. When a car moves over rough road surfaces, fluid present in the shock absorber helps convert vibrations into other forms of energy. This, in turn, makes the ride smooth and seamless. Struts greatly affect alignment angles because they are a crucial part of a vehicle’s steering system. Without shock absorbers, it would be very difficult for drivers to control their vehicles, so when these parts fail or get damaged, it easily leads to accidents. That is why one should always make sure to have the vehicle checked by a professional and replace its shock absorbers as soon as necessary. 

Let us now discuss the symptoms that help you identify when something is wrong with the shocks and struts.

  • Failing shock absorbers are often the reason for the uneven wearing of your car tires. As we have mentioned before, one of the major functions of shocks is that they ensure that the vehicle’s tires remain in contact with the road surface at all times. With usage over time (wear and tear), their critical components start to fail and cause uneven contact with the tire and the road surface.
  • If you are feeling excess vibrations while driving the car, it might be time for you to replace your shock absorbers. This generally happens after a considerable time of usage (wear & tear). 
  • As the shock absorbers have a primary role to play in keeping the car tires in even contact with the road surface, the braking distance and stability of the car are hampered when they are damaged. Therefore, if your car is taking longer to stop or swerves uncontrollably whenever you steer in one direction, the shocks and struts may be the problem. 

Remember the major difference between struts and shocks:

A strut is a structural part of a vehicle’s suspension system where a shock is not. Shock absorbers generally suffer damage when the vehicle hits a large bump or pothole, especially at substantial speed. Additionally, due to overuse (wear and tear), their hydraulic fluid leaks out of them over time. To maintain them in great shape and prolong their longevity, Go-Green Auto Service Corp advises you to always avoid rough driving and to drive at a very reduced speed over horrible road surfaces. You have nothing to worry about if your vehicle has a failing suspension because all you need to do is visit an auto maintenance shop to have them replaced. There are auto repair centers throughout. Go-Green Auto Service Corp, located in Brooklyn, New York City, is a world-class one-stop auto service center that specializes in vehicle suspension systems and shock absorbers  –   struts & shocks. We expertly handle every possible vehicle issue, from maintenance, repairs, replacements, to autobody and paint, all at the most reasonable prices around. Call us or bring your vehicle so we can give it a complete physical to ensure your safety. Thank you.

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