How Does An Exhaust Manifold Work?
Published on: February 19, 2021

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

How Does An Exhaust Manifold Work_

The exhaust manifold is the first part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. It is connected to your vehicle’s engine and is the first one to collect all of your engine’s emissions. The exhaust manifold receives the fuel/air mixture from the multiple cylinders in your vehicle’s engine. It collects the fuel/air mixture from each and every cylinder, no matter whether you have four, six, eight, or twelve cylinders. Not only does the exhaust manifold receive all of the burnt engine gases, but it also completely burns any unused or incomplete burnt gases using its very high temperature. The manifold also houses the first oxygen sensor in your exhaust system to inspect the amount of oxygen entering the system. The oxygen sensor monitors the amount of oxygen and will tell the fuel injection system to decrease or increase the amount of oxygen used in the fuel/air mixture used to power the engine. Basically, the exhaust manifold acts as a funnel and is used to collect all of the engine’s emissions (from however many cylinders your vehicle has).Then once they are all gathered in one place and completely burnt, the manifold sends the emissions into the rest of the exhaust system.

Since your exhaust system is responsible for converting your engine’s harmful gases into less harmful ones, it is vital that the emissions travel through the entire exhaust system to be fully effective. Your vehicle will be releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere if the manifold is damaged or has a leak. Also, if you are able to smell your engine’s emissions, you may have a leak somewhere and should have your entire exhaust system checked. Another sign of a faulty exhaust system can be when your “Check Engine” light comes on and stays on. If you observe any of these issues, have your exhaust system inspected. A damaged manifold will also prevent your vehicle from passing safety and emissions tests. If your manifold appears to be worn or damaged in any way when you have it inspected, you should have Go-Green Auto Service Corp replace it for you to ensure safe driving conditions. Remember that we’ve told you that at the most you should have your entire exhaust system inspected every two to three years, depending on driving conditions, but that more ideally we recommend you periodically inspect it to check for any damage or leaks. There’s nothing for you to worry about if you experience any problems with your vehicle’s exhaust manifold, for your expert Go-Green Auto Service Corp will promptly have it functioning like brand new for you. 

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