Check Your Car Radiator
Published on: December 4, 2020

Published By: Go Green Auto Service Corp.

All You Need to Know About Your Radiator

When your engine is running, it produces tremendous amounts of heat. The radiator has one of the most important jobs for your engine because it is one of the most important parts of your cooling system. Your cooling system is responsible for keeping this heat in check and preventing your engine from overheating. Your radiator is in charge of keeping the engine cool from all that heat it creates. It stores the engine coolant (antifreeze), releases it into the engine, and then has to cool the antifreeze once it returns. Your radiator is controlled by a special thermostat that constantly watches your engine’s temperature. The thermostat is the one that releases antifreeze, or engine coolant, from your radiator into your engine when the engine gets too hot. The antifreeze is cooled three different ways: To cool off, the antifreeze first travels through the many small chambers that your radiator contains. The radiator’s walls then allow all of the excess heat to escape. Secondly, your engine uses a fan located between the engine and the radiator, and thirdly, the radiator uses the air that blows into the engine through your vehicle’s grill to aid in the cooling process. Once the antifreeze is cooled, it is ready to be re-released into the engine to keep your engine cool and running smoothly. Your engine has two radiator hoses, and it is these hoses that are the ones in charge of transporting engine coolant to and from the radiator and to and from the engine. These two radiator hoses are: an inlet hose, which takes the hot engine coolant from the engine and transports it to the radiator, and an outlet hose, which transports the engine coolant from the radiator to the engine. These radiator hoses are made of thick, durable rubber in order to withstand the hot engine coolant passing through them. 

Since your radiator hoses are made of rubber, they will wear, harden, and even crack over time. If your radiator hoses crack, they can leak engine coolant, and your engine can overheat, and thus the compromised hose must be replaced. Radiator hoses can last for several years, sometimes even more than ten years. However, it is important to periodically check the condition of your radiator hoses. Feel your radiator hoses after you’ve first waited until your engine has completely cooled. They shouldn’t feel too hard and brittle or too soft and mushy. Inspect the hoses for any cracks as well, and check the clamps that hold the radiator hoses in place. If there appears to be any excessive wear or any cracks in your radiator hoses, have Go-Green Auto Service Corp replace them for you immediately. If your radiator ever fails from getting clogged, a broken hose, or a leak, your engine is in bigtime trouble. Your engine will quickly overheat, its pistons will seize, and it (the engine) will fail when your radiator isn’t working. This also leads to further and expensive damage when the pistons seize, because they can damage and break your engine’s cylinders. Leakage is the most common problem that radiators face. Leaks generally are apparent enough to detect and usually can be fixed with ease. If you notice any antifreeze/engine coolant leaking from your engine, have Go-Green Auto Service Corp inspect your vehicle for any damaged radiator hoses or leaks. When you have your antifreeze changed or your engine flushed, you should have your radiator inspected as well. You should ideally have Go-Green Auto Service Corp change your antifreeze every two years or 30,000 miles (whichever comes first). All this is why vehicles need a radiator and why Go-Green Auto Service Corp cannot reiterate the importance of radiators enough, because your engine will certainly fail when your radiator is not working properly. 

Always be mindful of the importance of your radiator as a component of your vehicle, for your engine will overheat and fail without it. You have nothing to worry about if your vehicle has a failing radiator because all you need to do is have Go-Green Auto Service Corp fix it for you. Please never forget that Brooklyn’s own Go-Green Auto Service Corp is the Big Apple’s world-class one-stop auto service center that specializes in vehicle cooling systems and radiators. We also expertly handle every other possible vehicle issue, from maintenance, repairs, replacements, to autobody and paint, all at the most reasonable prices around. Call us or bring your vehicle so we can give it a complete physical to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Thank you.

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